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Best Blackjack Casinos

If you win, you don't have any play-through requirements to meet before you can withdraw your money! Green Casino used to be one of my favourite sites for live Blackjack games and it's one I still consider to be amongst the best ones even in 2019. They offer the right mix of a rich game-choice and stellar reputation. While it might not be the top Casino in the world for real money Slots , Mr Green is a fine choice for live dealer Blackjack. To place this larger-than-life bet, you need to sit at the VIP Tables and play at the most expensive live dealer Blackjack game the platform has to offer. Honest Disclaimer: Try the Mr. Green Live Deutsche Blackjack for some games in German or join the Batumi tables for some more exotic Blackjack action! Energy Casino is one of the best Slots sites of 2019 but - did you know they just launched an entirely new section dedicated to live Casino games too?

You can join it to discover the exciting new Live Infinite Blackjack, compete to win one of the many leaderboards or find your spot at the VIP table for some more private and expensive hands of Blackjack. Energy Casino is primarily a Slots site and that's what people love about it. The fact you can now use your Energy Casino account to play also live games of Roulette, Blackjack, Baccarat, and Poker is a great advantage that might earn this Malta-based online Casino a lot of new players. What's Blackjack Party? Some of the live Blackjack sites on this page offer a game named "Blackjack Party". I often mention it on my articlesabout Blackjack as it's one of the best variants beginners can play. Because it lets you use the skills of other players to win money at Blackjack. When you play a game of Blackjack Party, you don't bet on your cards but you bet on another player. This leaves to the other players the responsibility to play and to make the right calls at the right time.

Blackjack Party makes it easier to learn the ropes of the game and understand how to apply the basic Blackjack strategy to beat the game. How to play Blackjack Before you head to one of the best sites to play live Blackjack online, you need to make sure you know how to play the game. In this final section of my guide to live Blackjack games online, I am going to touch some of the basics of the game. Don't expect this to help you become a Blackjack pro. You'll need a lot more for that. Take this as a quick guide to get started and to understand what happens around you the moment you decide to play live Blackjack for the first time. The regular Blackjack table can host up to a maximum of seven players at the same time. All the players who intend to play a hand need to place a bet before the action begins.

The size of the bet depends on the betting limits of the table. Once all the bets are on the table, each player - including the dealer - receives two cards face down. Then, the dealer opens one of his cards. Here's where things start to get exciting. The aim of the game of Blackjack is to beat the dealer. You can do so by scoring 21 points, by scoring at least one more point than the dealer, or by getting the dealer to Bust. In Blackjack, you bust when the sum of your cards face value exceeds 21 points. The points in Blackjack correspond to the face value of the cards - with a few exceptions that you need to keep in mind. Cards from 2 to 10 give out points according to their face value. What's a Blackjack? You hit a Blackjack when the first two cards you were dealt with are an and a or If you hit a Blackjack and the dealer does not have Ace or a figure card, you win.

The house advantage for this game is about 0. All Other Stand on 17 Double-Deck Tables If you prefer to stay on the Strip, there are several options for double-deck blackjack that stands on all 17s with double down before and after splitting. The expected house edge for this game is 0. All offer double down before and after splitting, as well as surrender. The ones listed here also have re-split aces. This puts the house edge at 0. El Cortez El Cortez is one of two casinos that spread 3: Silverton is the other. El Cortez has an advantage as it permits double down on any two cards before a split. The house advantage is 0. The great thing about playing at home is you can refer to the table while you gamble. Basic Blackjack Tips and Strategy Chart Below you will find 12 blackjack tips and a basic blackjack strategy chart. Please remember that this is not a comprehensive strategy or even the best strategy for any single version of live dealer blackjack.

The blackjack strategy chart works well with the most popular game variations found in most online casinos. The cost in errors is higher for that strategy than it is for those in which the dealer stands. With hands of 11 or less, hit. If the dealer holds a 7 or higher, hit. Hit against a 7 or higher. Double down and hit if the dealer shows a 6 or lower. This is a sucker bet for everyone but card counters in rare instances. Strategy Chart Again, a combination of card counting and basic strategy turns live dealer blackjack into a positive expectation game. Even our advice on basic strategy is rudimentary and should be supplemented with further study. Card Counting at Live Dealer Blackjack Of all strategies to win at blackjack, card counting is the most widely known. At a basic level, this means tracking the high and low cards, then increasing your bets when the deck is in your favor.

In a live dealer online blackjack game, counting is almost impossible.

That would discourage me from playing blackjack ever again - or even visiting Las Vegas. That's why I suggest you to use a conservative approach when it comes to betting in blackjack. The main idea is this: Raise your bet every time you win. This strategy is based on the idea that wins and losses come in streaks. You might lose five times in a row, but then, miraculously, win three consecutive bets. I know, I know, blackjack is a game of chance, and the outcome is random. BUT My long-term experience says that there is a pattern. I just can't explain it logically. Just look at some random sequences made with the probability theory in mind. Usually, you can see some sort of streaks, and this can be applied to blackjack too. So, all you need to do is raise your stakes little by little - but only when you win.

You can use our list of the best casinos to play blackjack online and test this strategy for free. Don't forget to use our strategy charts when learning how to win. An Aggressive Approach to Blackjack: The Martingale blackjack strategy is my favourite. This is a blackjack system that helps me win often - but only when I have a lot of money to invest on my games. If you do - keep reading and get ready to have fun. The Martingale strategy is completely different from the conservative blackjack approach. You have to be brave to use this one. It basically goes like this: You double your bet… every time you lose. Now that sounds like a downer. How can you ever win if you keep losing - and losing more and more as you keep playing? Even if you lose lots of money on several consecutive losses, everything changes when you win. As you've been doubling your bets, the one that brings you victory makes your bankroll grow to the point of covering the amount you lost before that happened.

However, there's one thing to keep in mind. One very important thing. Once you go over your initial bankroll, STOP. The Martingale blackjack strategy doesn't work when it comes to long gaming sessions. There have been cases when I lost all my money, and that happened because I was greedy. Video Quality and Player Options There are differences in the details of the video and betting interface between the different casinos, though in general, these appear similar. The main part of the screen is taken up by an HD video stream of the live dealer and blackjack cards, which are often extra-large to be easily seen by the players. If side bets are offered then you can add chips to those squares separately. Talking to the Dealer There is a text chat box if you wish to interact with the dealer or other players, although this is in no way required. The dealer will reply out loud while players use the text chat feature. Behind the dealer, you can usually see other tables streaming different games, laid out to replicate an actual casino.

Decks are regularly shuffled in full view, and the cards are large to make it easy to see them on different screen sizes. The dealer will remind you to act. Once the hand is completed, bets are settled automatically by the software and the next hand will begin. Basic strategy alone will not make you a winning player, but it does make you an optimal player. This means you play longer and save more of your bankroll. The strategy depends directly on the live dealer blackjack variation being played. Free printable blackjack strategy charts Live blackjack players should always have a basic strategy chart. Printable blackjack strategy charts can be found for all blackjack variation, but you must match the chart you use to the rules used in the live casino. Always keep your strategy chart near you while you play live dealer blackjack online. Also, Betway Casino is home to a great selection of online Casino games and of live Baccarat tables - so you can use that supersize bonus to enjoy a lot of other online gambling games too.

This casino features 40 different Blackjack tables, with 10 games where you get to join a live dealer. High rollers, the big spenders, and the online whales all meet at the Diamond VIP table. I'll be honest with you - It's all about the no deposit bonus. That's strange because although their platform looks a little outdated, their selection of live dealer Blackjack games is outstanding. Visit their site , enable Flash to see all the games, and enjoy the best-structured live dealer Casino on the internet. It's so easy to find the games at Bet365 that you can't help but ask yourself why aren't all the other live Blackjack Casinos like this. Click on the Live Dealer Blackjack Lobby to find all the games available for you, select a table, and place your bet! Known to be home to one of the best poker sites in the world, William Hill is also an excellent choice for some table game fun with real dealers.

With 52 games on tap, you'll be busy playing live Blackjack online for quite some time. If you are into sports betting and you want to play some Blackjack live while you indulge in some real-time betting action, William Hill is the perfect site for you. Their Casino experience is second to none and their sports betting platform is one of the most popular and most trusted in the whole world. Plus, you can also use your American Express to play online for real money at William Hill. The betting limits fit both Blackjack players on the budget as high rollers looking for some more thrilling and expensive live dealer action. It's all about the number of games. The welcome bonus is good and it lets you play a lot of Casino games for free - a lot more games than at Bovada Casino for example - but the platform is a little confusing. Finding all the live dealer Blackjack games will cost you a few too many clicks and scrolls.

That's because Casino. The number of their live games isn't too impressive when you look at online Blackjack, but they have a lot of options for live Roulette, video Poker, and Slot players. As a beginner, you can use it to apply the basic strategy on Blackjack games with low house edge... Despite being an outstanding choice for all sorts of mobile Casino gambling games, LeoVegas is also a top choice for online live dealer games - hence to discover online Blackjack. Their all-new live Casino section features the best games by Evolution Gaming alongside some excellent exclusive ones. As an award-winning mobile Casino site, LeoVegas is the ideal site for all those into mobile gambling. Also, this has been one of the first live dealer Blackjack sites in the world to stream real money games from the Foxwoods Casino in the United States. The selection of games at Jackpot City is fine as is their Blackjack guide for beginners - but there are far more special sites than this one.

As the leading online Casino site in the UK , BGO is a superb operator that offers only top-quality games and that works hard on issues like responsible gaming and gambling addiction. BGO has the full package. A great Casino site, excellent mobile Casino apps, and - if you are in the United Kingdom - a no deposit bonus to play selected Slots. Plus, it's the only online Casino on this list to offer wager-free bonuses. If you win, you don't have any play-through requirements to meet before you can withdraw your money! Green Casino used to be one of my favourite sites for live Blackjack games and it's one I still consider to be amongst the best ones even in 2019. They offer the right mix of a rich game-choice and stellar reputation. While it might not be the top Casino in the world for real money Slots , Mr Green is a fine choice for live dealer Blackjack.

To place this larger-than-life bet, you need to sit at the VIP Tables and play at the most expensive live dealer Blackjack game the platform has to offer. Honest Disclaimer: Try the Mr. Green Live Deutsche Blackjack for some games in German or join the Batumi tables for some more exotic Blackjack action!

5 Top Blackjack Websites

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