afterglow avian backlit birds
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Hide inside the dirt at my feet.

You wrangle through the trees

Sucking down bugs,

Then look at Me.

At Me!

You, nuclear,

Bear down on the skin of my shoulders.

You sprout from the ground with a newness

And spring back under my step.

You drink the rain.

You make air and make life.

Then You,

You tear the flesh from the bones of a doe.



I arrive, nerves aflush.

Me I see You.

I caress You.

Run my hand across your sandpaper stone.

Me I draw my blood for You.

I step on You, without knowing, brute,

Take a little bit of You with Me.

I lift You up to my nose and inhale.

I carry your pollen to the next.

Me I engulf You.

My body opens up to You.

I put your cascade to my lips and swallow You.

Then rest under your canopy.



Are You Me?

I know not where I start and You end,

In our homecoming,

Our copulation.


Paige Mackey Murray keeps finding new outlets for the muse – singing, writing, painting, dancing. She is currently working on a novel-length work of science fiction.  She lives in Boulder, Colorado.

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